Inspired by @stacymichelle
  1. I started to live in Berlin as an exchange student. Which is kinda the number one changer in 2015. Altough it is going to end at the end of January 2016. This life in here have teached me some really important life lessons.
  2. I started fitness, again. I know it is clichè but doing some sports -always a changer-. It keeps me motivated and feel relax after it and pushing me to eat healty food!
  3. I went to 7 different cities and 5 different countries. Travelling was a very important goal for 2015 and I am so glad that I have achieved it.
  4. I went to a Fc Barcelona match. It was an amazing experience in Camp Nou. And It wasn't just a simple game. It was Fc Barcelona vs. Rome. Last Champions League match in group stages. Messi cameback from injury. Final time was 6-1! Yes six to one. What a game that was!