1. My pee is usually the colour of rust
    This is probably also related to how much coffee I drink
  2. My definition of "No, I didn't drink last night" is that I had less than 5 beers
  3. I can't buy beer for a party until the day of the party, because I can't trust myself not to drink it in advance
  4. On more than one occasion I've reasoned with myself over the logic of getting "buzzed" when I wake up to start my day off right
    I'm talking like max. 2 beers - just to give me an edge. Never done it though, yet
  5. I can't name 5 things I would rather do than have another drink once I've started
  6. I can't name 5 things I would rather do than start drinking at any given time
  7. If I miss the train, it doesn't matter how long there is until the next one, I'm going to the pub
  8. I choose what to eat based on what I'm drinking and not the other way around
    It's usually nothing or snacks at best
  9. Any time after 9am is acceptable to start drinking as far as I'm concerned