I didn't write anything in my planner the whole week, but I did plenty non-academic things
  1. Sunday:
  2. Watched the Royals win the World Series
  3. Ordered pizza from Dominos
  4. Stayed up until 5am lying in bed, pondering life
  5. Monday:
  6. Had a critique in my graphic design class
  7. Brainstormed/proposed net art projects
  8. Watched The Squid and the Whale
    Really fantastic movie
  9. Tuesday:
  10. Watched Typeface (documentary)
  11. Wednesday:
  12. Attended a lecture by Sam Hillmer and Patrick Higgins from the band Zs
  13. Went to a performance of Sam Hillmer and Patrick Higgins from the band Zs
  14. Dj-ed my graveyard shift
  15. Thursday:
  16. Went to Wuog promos/pubs meeting
  17. Went to a talk about Kinks/Fetishes
  18. Got Papa Johns and watched football with my bff/roomie
  19. Watched Dogtooth
    It was AMAZING
  20. Friday:
  21. Read a bunch of articles about creativity and education
  22. Played Just Dance with Sarsmi, Layne, and Taylor
  23. Wore a dress to a drag party and then to Go Bar
  24. Saturday:
  25. Went to the Kentucky vs. UGA football game
  26. Took a nap
  27. Watched Victoria's Secret fashion show videos
  28. Ate cereal provided by @hannahgraceb
  29. @anasha tried to choke me
  30. Uber'd to a party that @dith happened to be at
  31. Walked home in the light rain, and stopped at the MLC to pee
  32. Sunday:
  33. Got interviewed for WUOG publications director