My 2017 New Year's Resolutions

My biggest resolution is, of course, to keep my resolutions. Also, un-ironically, to use this app more
  1. Travel more.
    When's my next trip? Will I really go to Switzerland in the summer? What about Seattle before then? I have absolutely everywhere and nowhere to be. It's just a matter of *getting out* more.
  2. Keep in with friends more often.
    This includes family. If I can reach out to three people in a meaningful way everyday, I'll never be lonely.
  3. Move out.
    How much money do I need saved to do this?
  4. Stay on top of your reading.
    I have January booked. It goes like this: 1) "Swing Time" by Zadie Smith. 2) "The End of Days" by Jenny Erpenbeck, and 3) "Barkskins" by Annie Proulx.
  5. Buy less books; read more.
    This will be a toughie for me, but I have a strategy. I'm limited to one clearance section book a day at Half Price—I go everyday after work. Once a week or so I visit Mark at Brazos, just to catch up and buy anything he's offering me. Also once a week, John at Kaboom, for interesting finds. But this is only if I can keep up with the reading. No reading, no book store visits. This will keep me motivated.
  6. More movies.
  7. Limit going out to eat once a week.
  8. Get politically organized.
    With the upcoming Tr*mp administration, we need to fight now more than ever for our values and communities.