The vanity of Christmas wishes

Hello friends and lovers, here are some suggestions for presents to get me for the 25th, if you feel so inclined
  1. A year subscription (approx. $40) to the New York Times Crossword Puzzle app! This will allow me to play the daily puzzle in the newspaper for a year!
  2. A gift card to I ask for a gift card because you wouldn't want to be the one to pick my underwear, would you?
  3. A Film Buff membership at the MFAH (approx. $80). This gets me 10 tickets to the films of my choice and discounted tickets for the remainder of the year thereafter.
  4. A fund to get LASIK. I am the perfect candidate, I've learned. Total costs is $3600 so it'd be best to start investing for that now.
  5. A gift card to IKEA ($50 requested min., that should help).