Happy Mother's Day! One night, I went out for dinner with my father, grandfather, and grandmother. These are all the different seats my grandmother sat in that night.
  1. At a nice table on the left side near the fire.
    The restaurant was pretty empty but also a little cold, so we asked to be sat near the open fire oven. The host took us to the table nearest to it, but this happened to be near to the one big party of loud middle-aged women in the place. Much too loud.
  2. A combo table-booth on the opposite side of the restaurant, in a booth seat.
    This table was maybe 10 feet farther from the fire. She sat down in the booth next to me.
  3. At the same combo table-booth but in a chair
    She switched with my grandfather, who was across from her, to be closer to the fire.
  4. At the same combo table-booth but in the other chair
    She then switched with my father. This seat was closest to the fire at our table. My dad claimed to have been feeling the heat from the fire strongly.
  5. "Waiter, could we turn the heating up just a degree or two?"
    Then we put our order in. My grandpa said it was the best squash he's ever had. It was Lulu's on Folsom St in San Francisco