This list kinda sucks already
  1. The Lion In Winter
    Yung anthony hopkins. Three brothers at each other's throats for their father's crown. Katherine hepburn cuts herself (i flinch harder every time i c it). The ultimate Xmas movie for a jew like me. Get into it.
  2. The Lion King
    I still remember the pizza I ate before I saw this movie for like my 5th or 6th birthday. Love you mom and dad.
  3. 21 Grams
    I showed this movie to an ex when she was sick and she got sicker. It was kind of a science project. Charlotte Gainsbourg in the movie... Tiny role but I fell in love with how she took care of Sean Penn (but he didn't give a fuck). This movie scarred me.
  4. I Don't Want to Sleep Alone Anymore
    Did you ever think a movie was maybe just a photo album? This one will really challenge you because it IS just a photo album. Malaysian, slow, eerie... Teaches you strange definitions of love that then teach you that love is just love. Rad.
  5. SLC Punk
    RIP Heroin Bob.
  6. Philadelphia
    "For every problem, there's a solution..."
  7. Kids
    I always believed health classes in high school would be more str84wrd if they just showed students this movie. But the world doesn't work like that.
  8. Do The Right Thing
    RIP Radio Raheem.
  9. Forrest Gump
    RIP Jenny.