Based on discussions with an awesome girl I've been kickin it it's a lot more like RESTAURANTS WE GOTTA GO TO IN LA.
  1. Night Market & Song
    For le thai (neither of us have tried this spot)
  2. Blossom
    She loves it there already. Lemme get a taste uv ya style gehl. Ok i already like it.
  3. Macleod Ale
    Beers in Van Nuys #lyftawaitsus
  4. Lucky Boy
    For that really hungover morning we'll probably have
  5. Backyard Bowls
  6. Flore
    I gotta take her there because it's one of my personal fav's.
  7. Little Dom's
    It's her fav I guess? I dig it but last time I was there I had like the worst date. So we'll be able to replace that memory #eternalsunshineofthepastamind
  8. n/naka
    #chefstable #fulfillmydreamz
  9. Little Ethiopia
    I love this area and the food it offers. So filling, delicious and cheap too. Don't think we've discussed this as an option. I think she'd be down though.
  11. Gloria's Cafe - Venice Blvd.
  12. Border Grill - DTLA
  13. Picca - Pico and Edris Drive
  14. Blackball Taiwanese Dessert