Songs i should definitely write
  1. Giving Me My Hand
    I already wrote this song
  2. Handkilla
  3. Cake Hands
  4. Write the Hand that Reads you
  5. Ham Handwich Shoppe
  6. Hands dot Guv
  7. Hand over the woman
  8. Hand over the drugs
  9. The Woman put her Hands all over my head and i felt safer there
  10. The Hand(s)kerchief Shake
  11. The United Hands of Mercy
  12. Hearsehands in the Heartlands
  13. People I don't like don't have hands
  14. You Cant talk to the dude, nor his hands
  15. Eat Salad with Your Hands And Don't Feel Regret
  16. Ham sandwich and your hands are bread now, get band-aids
  17. Great Handshake, Famous Pancake
  18. Put Your Hand in a Blender (the Turnip Turnup)
  19. Manhands Joseph