Kno Yrself
  1. Both of my dad's parents are Holocaust survivors
    Making me a 2nd generation Holocaust survivor
  2. I thoroughly enjoy giving cash to homeless people on the street and have done that for a long time
    And i probably always will
  3. I don't have cognitive dissonance problems but sometimes i do
    That's sort of a joke but sort of not (ad infinitum)
  4. Good therapists have played a role in my life and I'll always appreciate that
  5. I've eaten more pasta than any other food in my life probably
    Yea im huge
  6. I'm deeply scared of screens and holding my phone too much
    Too addicting tho
  7. I've been using Twitter longer than anyone I know
    Still dig it (usually)
  8. I'll say "i don't give a fuck" like 30 times about something
    But still totally give a fuck at some point after
  9. Dancing makes me feel more free every time i do it and i feel for people who don't want to or don't like to dance.
    Keep it freeform. Feel yrself. Free yrself. Then someone else will.
  10. As I've grown i've let go of a lot of grudges i was holding
    It's still hard tho
  11. I deeply desire connecting with people in a meaningful way, no matter who or what they are
    Prisoners, butchers, bus drivers, homeless people, etc.
  12. Scissors and tape are maybe my favorite 2 inventions in the realm of office supplies
    ALL office supply and hardware stores fascinate me
  13. I struggle with distractions more than addictions
    Think abt it