According to me
  1. Try really hard to be optimistic and not hate everything
  2. Lay in my bed
    Just washed the sheets and blanket
  3. Look out my window and imagine everyone having fun
    Fuck dude
  4. Miss my friends and hope they don't forget me
    Please don't forget me i love you
  5. Be un-American
    The other priority. Well maybe chillen in your bed is truly American tho. Thoughts?
  6. Be sad
    The OTHER priority
  7. Be a sick Jewish boy
    Thats me
  8. Drink water
  9. Maybe watch a movie
  10. Wait it out
  11. FML
  12. Ima be okay
  13. Sleep hopefully
  14. Shower
  15. FML
  16. Put on some cologne to boost my self esteem
    I seriously did this