1. We Have The Same Name
    Only matches you with people who have the same name as you or a gender equivalent of your name.
  2. Exact Age
    Only matches you with people who share your birthday down to the day, hour, or minute. Bond over how you've both had exactly the same amount of time to accomplish your dreams. Who's winning?
  3. Germaphobes Meet
    As a germaphobe this is the one I'd actually use. Meet people who ALSO never sit on their furniture in clothes they were just wearing outside. Waiter's sleeve brush against your silverware when they were taking your menu away? Rinse your fork in your glass of water and be commended for your quick thinking.
  4. Almost The Same Being
    Combines matches from We Have The Same Name and Exact Age.
  5. 20 Years
    Match with someone and make a binding legal contract that says you have to get married if in 20 years neither of you are in serious relationships. If you are, it dissolves those relationships.
  6. Dogless
    I don't like dogs and don't like being treated like a monster for saying it. Meet people who also don't like dogs or animals in general.
  7. I'm Scared
    Matches you with people in your area who are also currently feeling afraid.
  8. When Asked To Draw An Abstract Concept We Drew Similar Things