I usually watch You've Got Mail around the holidays with my mom. I spent Thanksgiving alone this year, here are the parts I like that I can remember.
  1. When Meg Ryan's boyfriend flirts with Mel from Frasier on tv.
    When I was a kid and watched Frasier I had a crush on this character because she was a germaphobe who didn't like dogs and was kind of mean to everyone. Wonder what that says about me. Whenever I watch You've Got Mail and this scene comes on I'm like whaat.
  2. Pretty much any part where they talk via instant messaging.
    Reminds me of 8th grade when I would talk long and hard into the night with my crush who did not like me and has since forgotten my existence entirely PROBABLY. Instant messaging chimes get my adrenaline pumping. Use those instead of a starting pistol at a marathon and I'll be off.
  3. When they go to Fox Books and it's rad as all hell and makes The Shop Around The Corner look awful.
    And the viewer feels bad because Meg Ryan's store is going to close but they smile a little on the inside because they remember how much they love stores like Fox Books.
  4. When Tom Hanks tortures that cashier over a credit card machine.
    Not really my favorite part, but a weird hole to throw your main romantic lead in. The rest of the movie is spent trying to redeem Tom Hanks in the eyes of the audience. He was such a dick in that scene. Only Hanks could pull that off.