1. I figured it out after thinking there was no WAY he could be sleeping with that many different women/groups of traveling friends eager to see New York.
  2. After a quick Google search I confirmed it. Right there, my apartment building, and I'd recognize the face in that profile picture anywhere (and by "anywhere" I mean "through my peephole when I hear his door opening because I'm a snoop.")
  3. I have a better door frame pull up bar, yet my neighbor is in better shape.
    How does that make sense?
  4. Why did he leave the door frame pull up bar in the door frame in the first place?
    There are dirty dishes in the sink in this picture you are trying to use to get people to pay you to stay in your place. Get a damn throw pillow or something.
  5. This guy needs to buy a better camera!
    I don't know if you've ever been on this site, but there are some damn artful shots of living rooms and half baths on there. I almost feel embarrassed on behalf of my apartment's counterpart.
  6. He has a closet in his bedroom??
    Our apartments are tiny one bedrooms/studios that are mirrored. I have one closet for the whole place in the living room/kitchen/grand solarium. This guy gets his one closet in the actual bedroom. That's game changing! The place is so small that like, doubles the bedroom!
  7. He charges 99 dollars a night.
    99 dollars a night. Guy makes like 300 bucks to go hang out at his girlfriend's place for the weekend. For 99 dollars I'd let you sleep in my apartment and I'd just go sit on the stoop for a while.
  8. Except he doesn't always leave right away once the guests show up?
    I can hear him through the wall right now with these two people. So you and your friend go to a city, spend 100 bucks to have a place to crash, and now you're just hanging out with some rando who wants to go to dinner and stuff? He's about to marathon Jessica jones with them, I can feel it.
  9. He has decent reviews though
    But I guess in a situation like that, just not getting murdered in the night makes the whole trip feel like a success, like living to see another day really makes you feel like you came out on top. Even though s handful of reviews are like, "there was no internet." Which should automatically get you banned from ever hosting people in any capacity ever again.
  10. So here's where I'm at
    I redecorate my place to look JUST like his and put it up on the same site for 98 dollars a night.
  11. Or I just rent his apartment for three days, become his best friend, and then at the end of the stay I give him back his keys and make the long trek of two feet back to my apartment. We never speak of it again and I leave him an okay review.