1. One of the construction workers working on the 7-Eleven near my apartment.
    Have you ever been in an entirely empty convenience store? Me neither. This place is almost done, I'd probably get to be the first customer. Watch them put the inaugural hot dog on the hot dog turning thing.
  2. My coworker
    So I can observe what happens to my actual body when I'm controlling someone else. Do we switch places? Is the other person living my life? Is it like a tinder situation where we both have to agree? Am I just on some kind of weird autopilot? This is purely research based. Doesn't matter which coworker. After I watch myself I'll fall asleep for the rest of the day or commit crimes.
  3. A prisoner who is getting out of jail in two days.
    Just wanna see what jail's like for a day. Would try my hardest not to ruin relationships, cause awkwardness, or have additional time added, but it'll be my first time in jail so no promises.
  4. A creative make-a-wish kid the day they get their wish granted.
    I always wondered what I'd pick for my wish, this way I wouldn't have to and I'd get to do something cool. Does being someone for a day steal their memories of that day, or will they have my memories of their day? Are two copies of memories created and shared? Lot of world building holes here.
  5. A barber the day I go in for a haircut.
    I've always thought I'd be good at cutting my own hair. I mean I've done it before, imagine how good I'd be if I could just step out of my body? A seemingly wasteful choice? Perhaps. Would practice on a few people before doing myself.
  6. Guy with a smaller dick than me.
    Nothing like being a guy with a smaller dick than you for 24 hours to make you appreciate the dick you have. Hopefully won't find out this guy has some kind of very meaningful and amazing life that makes me feel bad about my own, despite having a larger penis. What a twist that would be.
  7. Guy with a bigger dick than me.
    Would probably be petty and ruin this guy's career and relationships. Throw his phone in a river.