Mostly occur on my walk from the subway to work.
  1. Being a millionaire
    Guiltiest daydream that leaves me feeling dirty and gross. Why am I wasting time dreaming of having money when I could be planning out some novel or idea that could make me actually rich for REAL? Sometimes on my walk to work I'll cross the street to avoid newsstands with lotto winnings displayed. Like I need to know that the only thing keeping me from 115 million dollars is guessing random numbers.
  2. Running into my middle/high school crush in the city
    I haven't had contact with this girl since my senior year of high school when we were both 18. I am vastly cooler than my 18 year old self, so naturally I would be immensely more appealing to my high school crush. Ignore the fact that she has also changed since high school and is also proportionally cooler. You don't become cooler in a vacuum, coolness scales. I'm not just gonna catch up all of a sudden. What would she think of me now? Daydream often followed by stress over my lack of a career.
  3. Being a Jedi
    Completely related to current Star Wars hype. If you catch me staring off into the distance it's because I'm picturing myself mowing through everything around me with a lightsaber.
  4. Submerging myself completely in a hot spring.
    Never done this, imagine it would feel good.
  5. Getting lunch
    I try to visualize exactly how my lunch break will go down based on the hundreds of lunch breaks taken before it. Sometimes it is startlingly accurate.
  6. When walking toward someone on the sidewalk coming in the opposite direction I imagine fighting them.
  7. Having a creatively fulfilling job.
    Could be taking steps to make something like this happen, but I don't and it leaves me feeling ashamed and weird for thinking about it like it's some mystical thing. Nothing like a shame spiral first thing in the morning. Do you think being a Jedi is creatively fulfilling? Or is it more like being a spiritual cop who kills things with a sword?