We won a ridiculously large trophy for 2nd place, 3rd tier in our LA Municipal Women's Basketball Rec League. So of course, we took it on a Stanley Cup tour...
  1. Pan Pacific Court
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  2. Bar
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  3. My bed
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  4. More cuddling
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  5. Maggie's bed
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  6. Maggie's personal training session
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  7. Principato-Young meeting
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  8. Principato-Young script coverage
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  9. Principato-Young printers to fix paper jams
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  10. The Groundlings to discuss TV Development with managers
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  11. Bar Hop
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  12. Paramount Studios
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  13. Director's Chair :: Video Village
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  14. Malibu with Cass Bugge
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  15. Post-Season beach training
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  16. With These Random People Who Asked If It Was "A Trophy On A Beach To Honor A Dead Person"
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  17. In the Pacific Ocean
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  18. With The Cat of @ava
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  19. More Cat
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  20. To Get A Haircut With Mary Grill
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  21. This Guy Cut Her Hair and posed with a Trophy
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  22. The Cut
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  23. Gorgeous!
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  24. The 🏆 is still being passed around with #shecagobullstrophytour ... It's getting all the attention a rec league 2nd place 3rd tier trophy should. More to come...
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