1. Mad Men: a study of the 60s
    Drinking in this class allowed.
  2. How To Pay For A Roof
    101 guide to renting an apartment, buying a house, mortgages, and realizing that everything is negotiable.
  3. Haters
    Will we ever balance free speech and accessibility with protecting people from haters and emotional abuse? This class will come up with solutions.
  4. Why Were 80s Cartoons So Good?
    An in-depth analysis. Be prepared to watch a lot of cartoons in this class. Sugary cereals will be provided.
  5. Ethnically Ambiguous
    What ethnicity am I? This class is a series of guesses, essays.
  6. Recreating the LSATs
    This shouldn't be a test of right or wrong answers. This should be a test about how much you can argue your chosen answer is superior. Let's make a new test.
  7. Can You Dance To Anything?
    We'll find out. Please shower before class.