1. "Ugh. It's too easy to get lost at Burning Man."
  2. "Bad News: We're out of toothpaste. Good News: We have an abundance of silver spray paint!!"
  3. "I'm pretty thirsty."
  4. "Ladies. What is everyone wearing for the dirty desert escape? I'm going ALL WHITE."
  5. "Damn. Radio's busted." "I have an idea. You know how Fred's brother is really good at guitar and is also insane?" "I'm listening..."
  6. "Shotgun" -the guitarist
  7. "I'm pretty thirsty."
  8. "One of us girls is NOT carrying her weight when it comes to killing some dudes. Not naming names, but she has long brown hair and hasn't yet killed a dude."
  9. "I'm pretty thirsty."