Only having one winner for the season is boring, so i love dumb weekly side bets. These are my favs...
  1. Singing The Super Bowl Shuffle in Public
    Sarah Haskins lost. I made her sing 3 verses of the Shuffle on the Disney Lot in the middle of a work day. She wore a Bears shirt. Her husband and daughter showed up to support. She danced. I joined her for the last verse because it was amazing.
  2. Winner Picks Loser's Work Outfit
    I lost this one. Joel Hurwitz made me wear a cut-off midriff with a big bald eagle that said GOD BLESS AMERICA
  3. 48 Hr Snack Duty
    Adrian Poynton (show creator) had to give me whatever snack I wanted when I wanted for 48 hrs. This was his first time living in the U.S. and his first introduction to American football.
  4. Fish N Chips
    My friend always bragged about his fish n chips so when he lost to me one week, he absolutely made me fish n chips.
  5. Haiku on Winner's Facebook page
    Loser had to write a haiku on my wall, then explain why. Because she lost to me.
  6. Taking the ACT
    Technically not a side bet, but the loser of our last league had to take the ACTs and share the score with the group. She didn't do well.