Women That Should Be on the $10 Bill

first, we should be getting rid of Jackson on the $20... but that's for another list... so here's a list of women who'd be great on the $10
  1. Harriet Tubman
    a badass
  2. Rosa Parks
    a trailblazer
  3. Eleanor Roosevelt
    a leader
  4. Edith Wilson
    a U.S. president
  5. Grace Hopper
    a brilliant techie
  6. Sojourner Truth
    an activist
  7. Margaret Hamilton
    a space engineer
  8. Alice Paul
    a suffragette
  9. Nellie Bly
    a fierce writer
  10. Maya Angelou
    an inspiration
  11. Dr Sally Ride
    a space pioneer
  12. Jane Addams
    a noble peace prize winner
  13. Dolley Madison
    a courageous model (also, desserts)
  14. Abigail Adams
    a strong voice
  15. Jeanette Rankin
    a first for congress
  16. Leslie Knope
    a dream
  17. My mom
    Suggested by   @yassirlester