My attempt to take a weekend trip to NYC - will be live updated
  1. Book a flight ✈️
    Last minute book a round trip flight for this weekend! Can't wait to go visit a super cool city
  2. Get asked to stay for work
    Last minute get asked to stay and work in Princeton Monday-Wednesday and need to book a new return flight!
  3. Take MARTA to the airport 🚈
    Throw some business clothes in my bag and get there as fast as possible
  4. First flight canceled - American ❌
    Sad my flight is canceled, but I got a full refund! This worked out great because I didn't need my return ticket
  5. Book a second flight - United ✈️
    Would get in at 10pm... Not great but not too bad
  6. Second flight canceled ❌
    Got the delay email before getting my confirmation
  7. Book a third flight - frontier ✈️
    6 am flight? Sure why not
  8. Take MARTA home 🚈
    Was able to catch my parents just before dinner to come get me 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
  9. SLEEP 💤
    Precisely 4.5 hours
  10. Uber to the airport 🚘
    Marta doesn't open till 5 am, so I made awkward conversation for the whole ride down
  11. Flight #3 boarded, took off, and landed!✈️✈️
    All by 8 am!!! So thankful to have made it, but might have been one of the most uncomfortable naps of my life
  12. Uber to my friend's 🚘
    Had the nicest driver who really tried to sell me on the city (and it possible worked)