An overdue reflection
  1. I honesty had one of the most amazing, life changing, hard, cataclysmic years of my life
  2. I was able to spend three months in Europe
    My study abroad was the most beautiful learning experience I could've ever asked for. I would not have been able to deal with January through April without the magnificence of older cities
  3. My grandfather passed away
    He was such a light. He was the most passionate, will strong individual I know. He could sell salt to a man stranded at sea. He will always inspire me to work a little bit harder and do a little bit better
  4. I split from my first long-term boyfriend
    He is a wonderful human being who is not meant for me, but I still miss him or the idea of him every day. It is a process and I will love again. I was willing to sacrifice everything besides my convictions, and now I know that I am worth even more than that.
  5. I chose a career in accounting and decided to work for PwC
    Had a recruitment event tonight and so glad I work for the firm I do!
  6. Planned to spend my near future in New York!
    Tbh would've never had the guts to do this without the trauma of the breakup or the support of my brother or the experience of my study abroad. I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED
  7. Intensified my skincare routine
    My new guilty pleasure.. Along with candles
  8. Began to focus on things that I love again
    Reading, cooking, music, friends, and exercise
  9. So much more... But so so grateful for everything that has happened and I've been able to experience
    I am who I am because of this year