What I do when I'm sad

Some of these things help and some of them make me feel sadder, but sometimes I think it's good to feel sad
  1. Listen to my cry playlist on spotify
    I honesty would say it's the best playlist I've ever made. It's the perfect mix of Dixie chicks, bob Dylan, Avett brothers, Ben folds... The list could go on
  2. And if that isn't my mood: DRAKE
    Does this need an explanation?
  3. Watch tv or read a book and attend to distract myself
    I would highly recommend "Call the Midwife" to help you feel empowered
  4. Or watch a rom com (sometimes without the com)
    Nothing makes me cry harder than P.S. I Love You or A Walk to Remember
  5. Exercise
    Specifically taking my dog on a hike. There's just something about the fresh air and time for self reflection that really helps. Plus she's really cute
  6. Comfort myself with a few of my favorite things:
    Spaghetti, wine, a bubble bath, and lots of candles
  7. Remember: This too shall pass
    And breathe