Song lyrics I use in daily conversations

My life could be a musical, sucks I can't sing.
  1. "Just take me home." -Style, TSwift
    From work, the bar, anywhere
  2. "I mean I could but why would I want to?" -Hands to Myself, Selena Gomez
    First time said: when my dad told me I should get off the couch and shovel snow
  3. "Each morning I wake up and die a little." -Somebody to Love, Queen
  4. "She was already gone." -Cop Car, Sam Hunt
    Normally I replace the she with I and prematurely exit somewhere
  5. "Hips don't lie." -Shakira
    When people try to squeeze into a chair with me
  6. "Is it too late now to say sorry?" -Sorry, Biebs
    I mean, who hasn't used this?
  7. "Let it go." -Frozen
    Again, who hasn't?
  8. "They'll tell you I'm insane." -Blank Space, TSwift
    Self explanatory
  9. "Story of my life." -1D
    When anything par for the course of my life happens
  10. "Yea, baby!" -Girl in a Country Song, Maddie and Tae
    In rare moments of joy
  11. "Kill me"
    Not sure if this is a lyric in an actual but I sing this at least 25 times a day
  12. "I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing." -Breakeven, The Script
    Forgot this one the first go around