I'm always excepting donations
  1. A back scratcher
    Not a tool... a person who is available to scratch my back upon request
  2. A Hand and Stone membership
    Monthly massages and facials are essentials to my life I just can't currently afford
  3. A driver
    Some may argue Uber is like having a driver but no
  4. A club box in each Philly stadium
    I want to attend any and all sporting and concert events that intrigue me in luxury
  5. First class plane tickets
    Is there a difference between business and first class? I mean... I'm not even asking for a private jet
  6. A personal trainer
    Jillian Michael's DVDs are great and all but is my form correct?
  7. A chef
    The things I can currently make are salads, tacos, chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese.
  8. Endless vacations
    Take me to every continent
  9. Magazine subscriptions
    Alllll the magazine subscriptions
  10. Haters