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  1. Any of The Chronicles of Narnia books
    Come on, I can't be the only one who wants to cuddle with Aslan or date Prince Caspian??
  2. Looking For Alaska by John Green
    I never went through an angsty teen stage. I could do so here.
  3. Harry Potter (specifically books 1-3)
    For obvious reasons minus Voldemort
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A list of the times I cried while watching the latest installment of Star Wars at 9 pm last night, whilst trying to avoid spoilers for you all
  1. When I was allowed to enter the theater
  2. When I heard the sound of "BUMMM" that cued the title sequence
  3. The entire title sequence (including plot set up)
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  1. 1.
    A New Hope
  2. 2.
    500 Days of Summer
  3. 3.
    Here After
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A list of the people I wish were on list
  1. President Obama
    @mindy from what I understand from your book, you can most definitely make this happen for us?
  2. BJ Novak
    This one is a joke haha let's all laugh together @bjnovak
  3. My father
    He's 53 and a cheer coach. His lists would be hilarious.
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Things I did and didn't expect happened. These are them.
  1. So much respect for him leading the audience in prayer for Paris
    It's such a vulnerable thing to pray out loud. With Judah by his side, he easily could have had him do it, but it showed a lot about his character that he personally led the prayer.
  2. I didn't realize how uncomfortable the glorification of celebrities makes me until tonight
    I wanted to leave so bad during his q&a because girls would scream after every word he said and it didn't make any sense to me because he is hella a normal human
  3. It's a funny thing that it said "ft. Special guests" and the special guest was Judah Smith (Justin's pastor and also one of my own which was fun)
    Always good to see a familiar face and the fact that it was Judah was such a fun thing for me.
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  1. I specialize in writing scenes
  2. They don't really have any connection to eachother
  3. I never know how to write a plot around them
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  1. A black astronaut (Ages 5-8)
    This one caused some awkward conversations with my kindergarten teacher after class. But I meant an astronaut that wears a black suit instead of a white one.
  2. A teacher (Ages 8-9)
    My parents are that. I grew up surrounded by teachers.
  3. A fashion designer (Ages 9-11)
    When I was at my worst stage (fashion wise) and wore basketball shorts and t shirts to school every day.
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  1. Genetically altered at birth and doesn't have the ability to grow leg or armpit hair.
  2. Doesn't actually have cats, but small robots that follow her around and meow to make her seem more relatable without the responsibility of having a cat
  3. Only ever eats 13 fries with her meal. No more. No less.
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  1. "Is it too late now to get coffee?"
  2. "have you met my friend Laurie?"
  3. "have you seen my new Ferrari?"
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The people you should be following on list or else you're doing list wrong
  1. the creator, the friend, THE BJ NOVAK
  2. This ones an obvious one
  3. LOL lol LOL
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