1. Antonio Plaza Bucks
    So vibey. You'll never see anyone you know unless you're a freshman at Santa Margarita Catholic High School. Almost never have to pay for a cake pop because the baristas are THAT nice.
  2. Glenn Ranch
    Great baristas. Almost always see a friendly face. Has the best wood of all Starbucks and there is a phone charger on every table. Always Jesus talk happening there. Lord is up to some mad real stuff there.
  3. $Ladera$ (Crown Valley)
    Small. NEVER crowded. Occasionally I will run into my 6th grade music teacher there. A plus for me, probably not for anyone else.
  4. Mecca (Lowes Starbucks)
    So much space. Open late. Serves alcohol and great cheese. In a decently local location to most anyone in the greater mission viejo area, hence the name Mecca.
  5. Lakebucks (RSM Lake Starbucks)
    Kind baristas. Had a great convo with one of them one time about a really bad LARPing incident. That was exciting. Drinks are alright. It's a small location but everyone is a regular.
  6. Titan Territory (Oso & Antonio)
    Big. Always has great music. Very likely to bump into a Tesoro student (former or alumni) which could be a plus or a negative.
  7. Lake Forest Drive Thru
    It's a freakin drive through.
  8. Alicia loves Coffee (Alicia Pkwy)
    Great meeting place for anyone who lives off of another freeway exit because it is right across from the freeway!!
  9. RSM Target
    An unpopular opinion. But some of the quickest Starbucks service I've ever experienced.
  10. Chocxo
    Not a Starbucks. But GREAT Ethiopian blend.