1. Any of The Chronicles of Narnia books
    Come on, I can't be the only one who wants to cuddle with Aslan or date Prince Caspian??
  2. Looking For Alaska by John Green
    I never went through an angsty teen stage. I could do so here.
  3. Harry Potter (specifically books 1-3)
    For obvious reasons minus Voldemort
  4. The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien
    I see a lot of myself in Bilbo Baggins. I would like to grab a meal or three with him, because of hobbit reasons
  5. Cat In The Hat by Dr. Suess
    Could be weird
  6. Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller
    There's no real setting to this book, as it's a non fiction book, but I would love to actually live within the words. It's the most beautifully written story I own.
  7. The Bible
    Could be WAY COOL and would help me make sense of a lot of things
  8. One of those adult coloring books
    Sounds wild
  9. Brain on Fire by Susannah C
    I think this is a story I would have liked to experience first hand. It's an insane true story.