Thank you @bjnovak @list
  1. Bullet points are my JAM.
    Didn't know I could feel so good about just a little tiny circle but I do. It makes me feel empowered (like "BAM IM ABOUT TO SAY SOMETHIN!!")
  2. The really famous cool people that I thought were really famous and cool are TOTAL nerds
    I love it. We all love lists here and we are all nerds and it is a beautiful connection to have. I'm looking at you @mindy and @JimmyFallon !
  3. I'm so much funnier than I thought I was
    Constantly find myself LOLing at my own lists and texting my friends "look at my new list it's so funny". Not even ashamed.
  4. Lists bring people together
    Those really cool collaborative lists.. What a cool thing!? List lovers from all over the world all listing together in one large list about something they all care to list about. SO COOL.
  5. It's so easy to get so invested in List that I forget about my real life to-do lists.
    This is another "Not complaining" one.