Movies worth going to jail for and how they will help in your jail experience
  1. Secret Life of Walter Mitty
    You'll need to do a lot of daydreaming in jail. This is a great place to learn.
  2. 500 Days Of Summer
    How to get a girl not to love you. Could be helpful in jail with both men and women.
  3. Perks of Being A Wallflower
    The closest thing to an acid trip you'll do without being on acid. You will bond well with cell mates over your detailed acid trip experience that didn't actually happen to you, it happened to Charlie.
  4. Wolf Of Wall Street
    Very relatable
  5. Hannah Montana: The Movie
    Very inspiring. You will need inspiration in jail.
  6. Veggie Tales
    You will be eating a lot of veggies (and bread) in jail because that's really all they give you. So at least you will know how to put on a great show by making your vegetables dance and singing songs about the lord. easiest way to make friends in jail.
  7. Marley and Me
    A lot of really emotional people in jail. Always really good to be able to pull out the "well at least you didn't have a dog named Marley that died" line in order to give your new cell mates comfort.
  8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    It's a classic. Everyone in jail is bound to have seen it. Again, instant friends.
  9. 90 Minutes in Heaven
    To give u and ur cell mates hope