A list of the people I wish were on list
  1. President Obama
    @mindy from what I understand from your book, you can most definitely make this happen for us?
  2. BJ Novak
    This one is a joke haha let's all laugh together @bjnovak
  3. My father
    He's 53 and a cheer coach. His lists would be hilarious.
  4. Author John Green
    Feel like I could learn a thing or two and also maybe he could make me cry and also make me laugh??? Isn't that what we are all going for here on list?
  5. George Lucas
    So many hot deats we could get on why he's so happy to not be involved in the new Star Wars movie. Talk about DRAMAAAA.
  6. Vice President Joe Biden
    Simply so I could request a list called "WHY I LOVE OBAMA SO MUCH AND HE IS MY MAN CRUSH MONDAY FOR LIFE"
  7. Hannah Montana
    If we could look past the fact that she isn't real, I think we could get some great lists out of her.
  8. The Guy Who Plays Jake From State Farm in That One Commercial