1. Hashbrowns
  2. How much I regret not making my bed before I got in it
  3. What I'm going to say at @chloejarrett 's wedding
  4. Why I'm not getting free stuff sent to me yet bc I'm so social media famous
  5. How long would it take me to learn how to be a barista and drop out of school
  6. Did I drop out of school?
  7. The boy I'm talking to and I have the same age gap as Kayla and Colton so obviously I'm gonna marry said boy
  8. Why am I still friends with @brykelley even though he is funnier than me?
  9. Why doesn't @bjnovak pay attention to me?
  10. Why didn't I make it on @katieedwards1212 list of things she was thinking about while being sick?
  11. Am I even rich enough to own a cat?
  12. Hashbrowns