1. McDonald's
    Otherwise known as "Mcdanks"
  2. Justin Bieber
    More people are starting to like him which is so good but still so many people hate him but I love him and 100% will defend.
  3. Wolf Of Wall Street
    Never seen it. But will defend.
  4. My driving
  5. The importance of a semicolon
    Firm believer in embracing the things that make you question if you know how to do anything right
  6. Kony 2012
    Was real. Still is real.
  7. TOMS
    As Taylor swift would say, they never go out of style
  8. Gluten free diets
    Are they real? Are they not? You do you boo.
  9. Kanye West
    Love that man with my entire being.
  10. The List App
    The people who bash it have never tried and once they try it they can never leave it. Thanks @bjnovak