Witty banter is my favorite TV genre. Fucked up families is a close second.
  1. Rory and Lorelai
    The gold standard. 80-page scripts for an hour long show. Unheard of. The perfect combination of pop culture and zingers.
  2. Buffy and...anyone
    All hail Joss and his ability to turn verbs into nouns and create a whole new teen language.
  3. Josh Lyman and Donna Moss
    The longest, sexiest, wordiest courtship of all time.
  4. Veronica and Logan
    Hate, love, hate, love. I'm surprised they managed to find time to make out with all the banter they exchanged. Hint: If you loved Veronica Mars, you'll totally dig iZombie.
  5. Bunheads (Sutton Foster and any of her little ballet students)
  6. Lindsay and Sam Weir
    My favorite TV siblings.
  7. Jack (Amanda Peet) & Jill (Ivan Sergei)
    Oh how I loved this show. The entire cast was just so amazingly zinger-filled--especially Sarah Paulson.
  8. Xander and Cordelia
    A writing teacher once told me that the best scenes involve 2 people who couldn't be more different. Hence the perfection of Xander and Cordelia. (Until they started dating, which was weird.)
  9. Joey and Pacey
    Come on.
  10. Monica and Rachel
    I love it when they fight.
  11. Will and Grace
    Aka my BFF Seth and me. Honorable mention: Karen and Rosario.
  12. Dan Rydell and Casey McCall
    The perfect Sports Night duo.
  13. Mal and Wash
    The entire crew of the Serenity had the best vocab in the galaxy.