On the rocks, no mixer.
  1. Blanton's
    Suz and Rob's Apartment, 6th St and Ave C, 2012. What do you get when a fashion editor marries a graphic designer? Loads of mid century modern furniture and an introduction to your favorite bourbon before brown liquor gets trendy. Taste: Smooth, sweet, and elegant.
  2. Pappy van Winkle
    Cookshop, 2012. Narcissa, 2014. Vic's, 2014. Sxsw, 2015. If I Where's Waldo this on enough hidden bar shelves, I feel like the universe will bring me my own bottle 1 day. Taste: The gd damn champagne of bourbons.
  3. Widow Jane
    Cookshop, NYC, 2011. Artisanal NY-local booze; aged in Kentucky, proofed in Brooklyn. Taste/ Smooth with a cherry, minty finish.
  4. Bullit
    Costco, LA, 2013. Good for Manhattans or on the rocks when you run out of the good stuff. Taste: Strong and honest, like a hard day's work.
  5. Eagle Rare
    My Bar Cart, LA, 2014. Jesse brought me this as a gift for letting him crash at my house. Used my new globe ice mold to really impress him. Taste: Rich with a honey-tobacco twang.
  6. Buffalo Trace
    Secret Santa Party, LA, 2013. One of the IT guys drew my name and bought me a bottle. I think he mistook my offer to "make out with you I'm so happy" as a proposition. Still working with HR on this. Taste: The perfect go-to weeknight nip, light and earthy with a bit of bite.
  7. Whistle Pig
    Fedora, NYC, 2015. College BFF's banker husband put a bottle and 2 glasses between the 2 of us. Then it was the next morning. Taste: Your guess is as good as mine.
  8. Four Roses
    Sundance Film Festival, Park City, Utah, 2011. People love this stuff; I have to be in the mood. Taste: Smoky, like you're sipping water from a barbecue pit.
  9. W. L. Weller
    Soon, I hope. A dude at sxsw told me they make this at the same distillery as Pappy. On a quest to find it in LA.
  10. Tequila
    Which is not a bourbon, but sometimes you decide to be paleo for a week and/or want to forget your night.