Recently discovered in my cassette drawer. Presented in the original order.
  1. "Little Shop of Horrors," from the movie
    We did this show, in Hebrew, and I played the part of Audrey's mother. You don't remember Audrey's mother? That's because we made her up so I could sing a solo of Somewhere That's Green; everyone knew Sara Vetter had the better voice so I got sloppy seconds. To this day my best party trick is singing Suddenly Seymour in Hebrew.
  2. "Forever Young," Rod Stewart
    I like the Bob Dylan one better.
  3. "Jack and Diane," John Cougar Mellencamp
  4. "Totally Eclipse of the ❤️," Bonnie Tyler
    Written with a heart, of course.
  5. "But Anyway," Blues Traveler
    John Popper was huge with the Philly Jews. I even helped our color war captain write a team song to this tune.
  6. "Girl For All Seasons," Grease 2
    Instead of "Cool Rider," "Reproduction," or "Score Tonight," we picked this one. I have no idea why.
  7. "Closer to Fine," Indigo Girls
    Which is on every bunk mix tape of teenage girls.
  8. "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights," Meatloaf
    A lot of people were hitting 3rd base at this point. This song was important.
  9. "Life is a Highway," Tom Cochrane
    We used to sing "Vikki's a highway, Avi will ride her all night long." Vikki was our counselor. Avi was her boyfriend.
  10. "Leaving on a Jetplane," Peter, Paul, and Mary
  11. B SIDE
  12. "Manamana," The Muppet Show
    (Just... I don't know. It brings joy.)
  13. "Good Night Saigon," Billy Joel
    The chopper interlude is terrifying.
  14. "Wonderful Tonight," Eric Clapton
  15. "You're the Inspiration," Chicago
    Peter Cetera, man.
  16. "Baby's Got Back," Sir Mix-A-Lot
  17. "Scenario," A Tribe Called Quest
  18. "Cecilia," Simon and Garfunkel
  19. "Copa Cabana," Barry Manilow
  20. "Part of Your World," The Little Mermaid
  21. "Little Help From My Friends," Joe Cocker