Yes, I booked this way before the NYT piece. I didn't read it and have no plans. It's all just...
  1. I've done zero research and have only vague ideas of where to eat and get coffee so this will be an adventure.
  2. My airbnb cottage is magical, yes magical. It has the worst decor ever and I never want to leave. The woman who owns it left me a bag of tangerines.
  3. I already hid the remote from myself and set up shop to write. No TV for a week.
  4. It's drizzly and gray, which is the best weather in any town that doesn't have a beach.
  5. The daughter of the woman who owns the main house is named Sunshine and told me she turned up the air bc menopause.
  6. Apparently Bart's Books is a 5 minute walk. I will be filling my car with books NO DOUBT.
  7. Brought my books of West Wing and Freaks and Geeks shooting scripts for inspiration.
  8. Am looking for the perfect playlist. I listened to Dinner Party Download on the way up, but now I'm ready for some tunes.
  9. Hell, I might not even sign into wifi at all.
  10. It appears I forgot my computer charger. Someone (thing?) really wants me to take a vacation.