My dad and I spent a lot of time bonding at arcades when I was growing up. Once I got a Walkman with all the tickets I won. (This has been sitting in Drafts for awhile.)
  1. Slow and Low, That is the Tempo
    Most important: Take your time and follow through. And have fun I guess? But this isn't about fun, it's about maximum ticket accumulation.
  2. Posture
    Lean the mid-shin of your dominant ski-ball leg up against the bottom of the alley. Rest it smack dab in the middle. This will keep you steady.
  3. Sight lines
    Look for a spot before the gutter on the side with 2 screws. It should be a little more than 3/4 up the lane. This is your focal point for banking shots into the 50 point ring.
  4. Technique
    When you roll the ball, lean back a little then into your shin against the lane as you throw. But don't lean your whole body forward.
  5. The 💯s
    When I was perfecting my ski ball technique, there were no 💯s. So I'm a throwback go for the 50s kind of girl. But if you want to go big, the key to 💯 is topspin, always roll diagonally and put a slight topspin on the ball upon release--the hand movement is like twisting the top off a jar of pickles you opened already. It's slight and quick.