I can't help it. These things just work.
  1. I clean my ears with a Q tip
    It just feels so right.
  2. I call my mom every day
    Some people think this is weird.
  3. I eat takeout I accidentally left out overnight
  4. I leave my bed unmade
    Rumor has it if I make my bed in the morning my whole day will be better.
  5. I take walks alone at night
    Sometimes I miss NYC and need to take long constitutionals late at night. It's probably not that safe in LA, but when my anxiety used to get the better of me, I would take obscenely long walks in the west village picking out my future brownstone on Jane or Bethune.
  6. I make small talk with the barista
    I only go to serious coffee places and this pisses off the rest of the line so much. But I can't help it if she's impressed when I order a Gibraltar.
  7. I make a left turn out of the Whole Foods parking lot
  8. I drink soda
    Not often, but sometimes nothing hits the spot like a fountain Pepsi. Yes you read that right. Pepsi.
  9. I sleep with my phone next to my head
    Cancer, probably.
  10. I don't always take my makeup off at night
    So lazy.