All of these shows have 13 eps or less per season. What's more manageable than that?
  1. UnREAL, Lifetime
    Everyone told me to watch UnReal and You're the Worst--and I ignored them. Until I gave in and they blew my mind. Don't repeat my mistakes. Shiri Appleby is a GD revelation of dramatically epic, dark af proportions. (After you watch this 4 times through, use the movie Closer as a palate cleanser. Yeah, it's that dark.)
  2. You're the Worst, FX
    Oh you don't want dark drama, how about some seriously dark, unbelievably shameless, hilariously demented comedy? After you're 2 eps in, please explain to me how Aya Cash isn't famous yet.
  3. Playing House, USA
    Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham have made a funny sitcom. I don't think we've had one of those since the TGIF block.
  4. Difficult People, Hulu
    Billy Eichner/Julie Klausner '16
  5. Doll & Em, HBO
    Cringe-humor that deals with female friendship and Hollywood--and both of the leads are British? Yes.
  6. Review, Comedy Central
    Dark. Just....dark.
  7. Catastrophe, Amazon
    MORE dark comedy! Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan are wonderfully awful to each other.
  8. The 100, The CW
    Ok so this isn't how-dark-can-human-nature-be brilliance but it's GD entertaining dystopian Lost meets Hunger Games CW fluff and it's surprisingly compelling.
  9. Another Period, Comedy Central
    Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome are total geniuses. Joss Whedon himself endorsed this show by moderating their Comic-com panel. But they didn't need him; turn of the century "reality" TV is just funny af. H/t @RachelPologe for the reminder.
  10. BONUS: Hindsight, VH1 & Younger, TVLand
    Hands down 2 of my favorite shows this year. Female protagonists on alternative channels are just killing it. Also great? 90s music.