Every damn time. To be fair, I cry throughout the whole movie, but these are the times I sob the hardest.
  1. When Hermione and Harry dance in the tent
    It's the most beautifully stark moment of the whole series. Deathly Hallows part 1 was by far the most avant garde, indie Potter.
  2. When Snape dies
    I lose it every time he says "you have your mother's eyes".
  3. When Bellatrix Lestrange tortures Hermione
    That's some harkening back to the Nazi-era level shit. Terrifying.
  4. When Dobby Dies
    Why do you have to kill the house elf?
  5. When Ron and Hermione kiss
    It's just so GD adorable.
  6. Snape's Lily montage
    When Harry realizes that Snape had/sent him his Mom's patronus. 💔
  7. When Harry goes to Voldemort to die and says goodbye to Ron and Hermione
    And Hermione, crying, says "I'll go with you" and rushes to hug him. That hug where she's clutching the back of his jacket and Harry and Ron's eyes meet....the saddest goodbye hug in the history of hugs.
  8. Neville's "people die every day" speech
    Plus, Neville got hot.