I love LA. I love NYC. I have no regrets.
  1. Wear all black often.
    Places that aren't Runyan.
  3. Hoard piles of New Yorkers.
    But, like, don't read them for months. (To be clear, hoard piles of magazines--not your friends who come visit.)
  4. Drink more coffee than green tea.
  5. Read books.
    I brought 17 boxes of books when I moved west. My fireplace is filled with them (don't worry, it doesn't work) and I have 3 bookshelves. When friends come to my pad the first thing they say is: whoa you have a lot of books.
  6. Reference Anna and Grace when people talk about fashion.
  7. Get a job at a magazine.
    I didn't come out here to work in magazines again but they found me anyway. Print is not dead. (Also I realize this applies to me mostly.)
  8. Befriend other New Yorkers in LA.
    So you can all talk about the physical, mental, and emotional space you have now.
  9. Fly back east a few times a year to catch up on theatre.
  10. Do not wear a winter coat just bc it dips below 60.
    Come on.
  11. Begin sentences with "well my therapist says."
    JK this is the same on both coasts!
  12. Find your local bodega.
    No, Whole Foods is not a bodega.
  13. Refuse to make eye contact because what are we? Immediate family?
    Suggested by @videodrew