It's not easy to be a friend to someone who struggles with depression. But if you can stick it out, it's the best bit of love you can give.
  1. DO: Be patient
    It's hard af to be a friend to someone who is down or depressed. Sometimes you may not hear from them for weeks or months. Just know that they would LOVE to reach out. And when they're ready to, it took a lot.
  2. DON'T: Try to cheer them up
    If depression could be lifted by cheer alone, everyone would be a balloon animal artist and UCB would have, like, 400 outposts.
  3. DO: Sit on a couch with your bud and watch TV
    Sometimes just having another person nearby can make all the difference.
  4. DON'T: Ask "what's wrong?"
    This isn't something you can fix and sadly, nothing is wrong--which is the issue. He/She is already frustrated enough about not being able to climb out of it.
  5. DO: Say "life can suck"
    It can.
  6. DON'T: Advise them to get out of the house and be social
    Believe me, if they could, they would. Sometimes even getting out of bed is tough. If you want to encourage anything, go all "rah rah" for therapy and meditation.
  7. DO: Support meds
    A lot of this is chemical and meds are one of the important components for healing. There's still so much stigma with mental illness--the older generation especially often can't wrap their heads around it so a lot of people lack parental support.
  8. DO: Keep checking in just to say hi
    Just bc they feel disconnected from the outside world doesn't mean we want to be. "Hi" is a gift. So is texting. So are emoji. (Who knew?)
  9. DO: Be a health-encouragement buddy
    When your friend is out of the woods, some of the best healing will come from exercise and eating right. It'll be a slow process, but they'll want to start feeling good and that won't involve drinking bourbon. (Well, eventually, but not right away.)
  10. DO: Just be you
    That's why we love you.