A primer for those who need a little jazz hands in their life from a Broadway baby who left her theatre-loving heart in NYC.
  1. "Being Alive," Company
    Need an anthem for ennui? Grab a piano.
  2. "What More Do I Need," Saturday Night
    If you're a New Yorker, this is your jam. If you left NYC and moved to LA, this will make you cry every time it shuffles onto your playlist. http://bit.ly/1C2JMJ4
  3. "I'm Still Here," Follies
    Jarvis Cocker does a cover of this gem in the documentary Six By Sondheim that will blow your fucking mind. http://bit.ly/1CdTDxc
  4. "Giants in the Sky," Into the Woods
  5. "Comedy Tonight," A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
    This wasn't Sondheim's original choice to open the musical, but I can't imagine it being anything else. A great song to pull you out of your woe-is-me mood.
  6. "Sooner or Later (I'll Get My Man)," Dick Tracy
    Madonna sang it and it won an Oscar. So.
  7. "A Little Priest," Sweeney Todd
    Every lyric and every word of this show is perfect, but this song makes me giggle. MRS LOVETT: Since marine doesn't appeal to you, 'ow about... rear admiral? SWEENEY: Too salty. I prefer general. MRS LOVETT: With, or without his privates? "With" is extra.
  8. "Ladies Who Lunch," Company
  9. "Old Friends," Merrily We Roll Along
    Did you go to theatre camp? This was on your bunk mix.
  10. "Unworthy of Your Love," Assassins
    The best pop song you'll ever hear about Assassins.
  11. "You Gotta Have a Gimmick," Gypsy
  12. "The Miller's Son," A Little Night Music
    Don't try this at Marie's Crisis or showtunes karaoke.
  13. "Loving You," Passions