Inspired by her amazing show last night, Cece Bloom, and Iris Myandowski, the hand-walking queer.
  1. "(You Gotta Have) Friends"
    The ultimate Bathhouse Betty 70s anthem. This was pre-glam, gay icon Bette. Watch her entire shtick at the Continental Baths. MUST SEE.
  2. "The Rose"
    Magic. The title song from her film The Rose. If you don't cry every time you hear this song, you might want to check if you're a robot and/or dead.
  3. "Otto Titsling"
    Arguably the second best song from Beaches. (Narrowly beating out the harmony of "O Come All Ye Faithful she duets with Barbara Hershey in Latin.)
  4. "I Think It's Gonna Rain Today"
    An absolute heart-slayer and the best song from Beaches. When she performed this at her show, the entire Staples center (I was by far the youngest one there who wasn't a gay man) hushed in awe. I cried.
  5. "One For My Baby (and One More For the Road)"
    Please watch the last time she sang this for Johnny Carson. He cried, she cried, we all cried.
  6. "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"
    From The Divine Miss M. And boy oh boy is she divine.
  7. "From a Distance"
    For better or for worse I know all the words and had to learn it in sign language at camp.
  8. "You Don't Own Me"
    Not a Bette song per se, but hello First Wives Club perfection.
  9. "Wind Beneath My Wings"
  10. "Millworker"
    This James Taylor-written song is such a folksy joy. Bette's version is like the best possible maple syrup on homemade pancakes.
  11. "Waterfalls"
    Her cover of the TLC classic is surprisingly perfect.
  12. The entire Live At Last album
    Suggested by @jon