The creative process, man. <shakes head>
  1. Watch lots of pilots.
  2. Text friends to ask questions about formatting.
  3. Read scripts of TV shows I love.
  4. Read scripts of TV shows I hate.
  5. Eat cookies (totally unrelated).
  6. Research minute, unimportant aspect of a character for hours.
    Suggested by @bigjack
  7. Text successful screenwriter to ask what he thinks of voiceover.
    He hates it. Move on.
  8. Cry.
  9. Read John August's blog.
  10. Map things out with index cards.
  11. Look up all the different kinds of outlines.
    But then get overwhelmed and stare at index cards.
  12. Bang out 20 pages in a day; as a reward, watch a great show with an amazingly dark, broken, clever lead; reread script and decide it's terrible.
  13. Fight the urge to go back and edit before the draft is done.
  14. Vomit draft.
  15. Start this process all over again.