Just finished overseeing/editing a 55 page package in a double issue and I couldn't be happier. I've been lucky to work behind the scenes with genius writers on some amazing magazine pieces over the past 13 years. How rad is that?
  1. The tall trees touched the sky.
    Edit: The trees touched the sky. Economy of words... See the difference cutting a word makes? You articulate your point so much more clearly and creatively. Choose your words carefully.
  2. The best art requires a lot of drafts.
    Be patient with the people you're teaching. You all have the same end game.
  3. Don't make changes without letting the other person know.
    It only takes an extra minute and it shows you value them.
  4. Everyone needs an editor.
    There are no exceptions, in writing or in life.
  5. Sometimes it's really hard to ask the right questions.
    We all have a vision of perfection that lives in our minds. Communicating it? Not so easy. The more you think about how you say something, the better it gets done. Seems simple, but we forget people can't read minds.
  6. Rewrite someone's copy, she'll be ok for a day; teach her to write, she'll write better forever.
  7. Print is not dead.
  8. Honesty is the best policy.
    Dislike a movie? Tell the publicist. Going to run with someone's incendiary quotes? Let them know. A journalist is going to tell the true story, but respect your subject. If you know that a piece you wrote is going to cause some drama, give the person or their rep a heads up.
  9. Grammar and punctuation matter.
    You wouldn't bake half a cake or wear one shoe to work, so why is it ok to half ass the way you express yourself? BTW the difference bt a period and an exclamation point can blow someone's mind.
  10. Writing short is harder than writing long.
    When something looks simple, it rarely is.
  11. Don't belittle a recapper.
    Writing recaps is HARD af.