1. Buffy Summers and Rachel (UnReal)
  2. Jessica Jones and Gretchen (You're the Worst)
  3. Liz Lemon and Monica Geller
  4. Winnie Cooper and Rory Gilmore
  5. Felicity Porter and Donna Moss
  6. Angela Chase and Lindsey Weir
  7. Lorelei Gilmore and Tami Taylor
    (and not just because they are BFFs IRL)
  8. CJ Cregg and Willow Rosenberg
  9. Olivia Pope and Veronica Mars
  10. Peggy Olson and Paris Gellar
  11. Taystee and Roseanne
  12. Sarah Manning (Orphan Black) and Alex (Quantico)
  13. Rayanne Graff and Six (Blossom)
  14. Mallory Keaton and Phoebe Buffay
  15. Cordelia Chase and Rachel Green and Kelly Kapowski
  16. Grace Adler and Carrie Bradshaw