These are the things we fought over, repeatedly, when we all lived under the same roof.
  1. The red cup
    It was from a Tupperware set of four, blue, green, red, and yellow, and I have no clue why we all NEEDED the red one. It always ended in tears. My mum melted it "accidentally" to stop the madness.
  2. Pushing the button at the elevator
    Any elevator. Any time. It was game on. We would run and shove each other out of the way so we could be the first to push the up or down button. Sometimes there were injuries at this point, definitely whining. Then we would start yelling about who got to push the inside buttons. "It's MY turn!" My parents usually responded with "actually it's no one's turn" and pushed the button themselves. But it actually was my turn.
  3. Front seat!/ Back seat!
    If it was my mum's car, we all wanted the front seat. If it was my dad's van, we wanted the back so you would have a whole row to yourself.
  4. Clothes thieves
    Constant screaming matches. I was most likely the victim and my sisters the perpetrators. Nothing was safe from those two. Jerks.
  5. Having the same amount of Christmas presents
    We grew out of this once we realized that things cost differing amounts. But oh man if we didn't get the same amount there would be tears, pouting, and lots of hyperbole ("worst Christmas ever!!").
  6. I'm the Pink Power Ranger!!
    "No, I am not yellow!!! I'll be... Purple!!" "That's not a real power ranger colour!!!"
  7. Halloween candy
    Trades were banned after a major blowout regarding who had more Reese's peanut butter cups. We had a few days to eat what was most important, then it was put into a collective bowl and put on the top shelf of our pantry. Then we got a few pieces a day until my parents ate it all.
  8. The newest It Barbie, chosen arbitrarily by one of us
    This could be the most recent Barbie purchased, or it could be a Stacie we got four years ago, or a Kelly, or maybe the mermaid, it was always changing. We also fought constantly about who got to use the Barbie Jeep (NOT the functioning kid sized one, I'm still SO bitter I never had one of these).
  9. The purple ball
    My sisters and I had a set of 4 coloured balls (volleyball sized, but really light) that had cartoon fruit faces on them. Each ball also smelt like the fruit displayed on them. The purple one was THE one we all wanted to play with. I have no idea why.
  10. Who's turn it was on the trampoline AND how long said turn lasted
    This really only applied to trampoline gymnastics, which was just us doing handsprings and flips, as well as some cool floor routines. Straight trampoline jumping we could do together fairly peacefully.